Drunkalong Singalogue

by Grizzly Adams Family

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released 03 February 2013

Chris Mosley - Songwriter, Vox, Guitars
Sarah Ann Phillips - Keys, Vox
Pat Young - Bass
Adam Reidelbach - Drums, Percussion, Beer Bottle
Sydney Miles - Vox



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Grizzly Adams Family Austin, Texas

A six piece band from Austin, TX, the Grizzly Adams Family plays their own brand of indie americana. Some of the material is set to a backdrop of funky beats and rhythms, while other songs are more rockin' with crafty guitar work blending into the big vocal sound of the four singers. Led by guitarist, singer and songwriter, Chris Mosley, the Griz Fam packs a powerful, artful performance. ... more

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Track Name: Cornerstore Romance
I'm new in this town but I've been all around and I've seen
Some beautiful things
I've fallen out of love too many times to be dreaming
of somebody new

Cornerstore romance, may I have the first dance
Cornerstore romance tonight

Walkin' down the alley way, wouldn't want you to see me this way
you'd leave me if you hadn't already left
When I got back from overseas, the light in my eyes and the sounds I'd hear went through me
but I felt blind and deaf

Cornerstore romance, would you save the last dance
Cornerstore romance tonight
Track Name: 3 More Weeks(of Amnesty)
well i drank the rent and now the money's gone
work is short but the nights are long and i don't mind
when that sun goes down there's always something to find
back to buying beer from the loose change jar
when you're here you wonder where you are and where you'll be
but i got 3 more weeks of amnesty
yea i got 3 more weeks of amnesty
and it's one more day that she'll stay with me

well when times are tight you know i'm still alright
got a girl stays by my side and she don't mind
when i can't buy her dinner
she says you'll drink yourself to an early grave and
i suppose you believe you're acting brave but think of me
you know i'd miss you if you were gone
you know i need you all night long
and i just say
la da.....

cause i've got 3 more weeks of amnesty...
and it's one more day that she'll stay with me
Track Name: Strange Ship
take me on, take me on
let me in or float me back
take me on, take me on
let me up on to your raft

moonlight sky it's you and i
floating along on this strange ship
look around but don't lose track
watch your step you might slip back

take me on, take me on
let me in or float me back
take me on, take me on
let me up on to your raft

sun come up and fill my cup
illuminate this strange trip
look around but don't lose track
watch your step you might slip back
oh you might slip back
Track Name: Persephone
the watchman is sleeping, all you got to do is come outside
lets go for a ride
that fat cat is dreaming, of the three headed dog that bites
dreaming he stood to fight

i see that fruit 'neath your window sill yea
i wanna taste it and i know that i will and i said oh
persephone oh, can i stay with you tonight

that old maid is thinking, about every night gone by
she's thinking when will i die
oh your heart it was sinking, in that moat of tears you cried
thinking at least i tried, oh at least i tried
Track Name: Brave Words
you've got no brave words
not one i haven't heard before
there's fools out on the street
they think they've got their demons beat
for sure

but they'll have to go to sleep at night
and they'll wake again of the same fright

i've got no wise words
not one you haven't heard before
i'm a fool out on the street
i think i've got my demons beat
for sure

but you know when i hit the sack
i'm just another insomniac
Track Name: Moon Song
hey moon, i beat you home again
we were just together on the lips of the canyon
but now, i'm on my own again
i beat you home again

soon, your face will be showing again
i look up to the hills, i see they're thrilled to be knowing you again
but here, down on the valley floor
i want you even more

oh moon, i can be a jealous man
and i know your light is for all the land
but i made a fire for you
cause i know you need warmth too

oh moon, i could build a home for us
and i'd cheer you up from that midnight hush
and you, you could just shine on me
and i could be all the sun you need
and we, we could be together all night
and the other folks could find their own moonlight
Track Name: Lonely Parade
slept in shirt lying on the floor
where you been all the night before
it's hard to say
it had been a rough day

slept in shirt what's the story
you go and trade your grace for glory
the things you give away
for something that'll never stay

oh but you got it made
just walkin' along that lonely parade
killing time and pain
yea you got it made just take that pill
if that don't work well, what will

thin soled shoes where are we going
if i were to lose my ways of knowin'
where would i be
walking away from me

thin soled shoes you're hurting my feet
since when have i been so easily beat
and falling behind
am i losing my mind

oh but i got it made
just walking along this lonely parade
killing time and pain
yea ya got it made just take that pill
if that don't work, well what will